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Whatsapp Registration

Whatsapp RegistrationHello readers, we are on it again today, but before we begin let me introduce us to today’s topic “Whatsapp Registration” so we will be talking on it as a social network in our country Nigeria.
To sign up as people may call it but i know very much that it is still the same as whatsapp Registration.
Let me give you a brief definitions of Whatsapp.
Whatsapp is a company is a chatting communication medium build with the primary aim of making money and bringing people together to one another through chatting bund.Type this website name on your browser “http://www.whatsapp.com“.
Steps involved in Whatsapp Registration.
1. Your Full Name :
2. Your Nickname known as Username:
3. Your Date of Birth:
4. Your Phone Number “Mandatory”:
5. Your Country Name and State:
After typing the required information on the above columns, then you click on NEXT and you will be expected to download the application through a link that will be provided for you.
This app is build for different kind of phones, so you can always find the one that fit your phone make.
We will always update this post so you should keep in touch with us.
By Bro. Ikekpeazu

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